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Back to the Future

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Have you thought about what things will really be in the next 50-100 years?  We used to think we would have flying cars by now.  Here is a great article and video of how the future Airbus is perceived to be.   To go to the article and video, please click here. 

Helping Airports Meet OSHA Requirements for BHS

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Unified Supply has recently been getting a lot of inquiries about OSHA compliant safety products.  New BHS conveyor projects are built with OSHA in mind, but over time chain guards, bearing covers and other required components are misplaced or discarded.  This leaves the airport vulnerable to claims of unsafe working conditions. Located here, on...

Travel Like a Genius

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Have you ever stopped to think about some of the most smartest people that we read in history and what travel was like for them?  Or did they even go on vacation and do any traveling?  Well of course they did!  Every one needs a vacation, even our world profound genius Albert Einstein.  He did some great traveling while he was developing the general...

Northern Lights now flying in Iceland

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We've all heard of the Northern Lights and the beautiful shooting rays they produce. The lights are collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth's atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun's atmosphere.  Well they have been captured on the Icelandair Boeing 757.  On the outside is spectacular but on the inside of the flight is...

The 5 without a Passport!

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Have you maximized your travel options in the United States and don't have a Passport?  Well don't give up because there is hope for you!  There are at least 5 places you can go to that do not require a Passport outside of the US.   To see these places click here.

Worlds Most Wanted

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What is your most wanted desirable place to visit?  From Hong Kong all the way to London has millions of international visitors.  Rankings come from which city has the most travelers.   Take a look at these 25 most visited cities over the world.  They're truly amazing places to go see.  World's 25

Lighten the Load

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First came baby.  Then came the car seat.  And the stroller.  That's a lot to travel with.  Talk about a heavy load!   If you do some research before you make your travel plans, you can see what places will accommodate these items for you.  Most resorts now days have so many options for all of your situations.   Check out this article in its...

Gray is the new Blue

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Later this month, American Airlines will launch a new uniform color.  Gray is going to be the new blue for this airline.  It's a new modern but elegant style for flight attendants, pilots, customer service agents and other American employees.  It will be a lot easier to match other colors along with it.  Which makes getting ready and looking professional...

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