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Getting Connected “Thanks” to USA Today Travel

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Sometimes we find it very hard to gain Internet access especially in airports.  From “free” airport wi-fi to tethering, here’s a quick guide on how to find an Internet connection at the airport. I hope this video guide helps you to connect to the Internet and occupies your time while traveling to your destination.

Virgin Airlines going Up and Above

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Virgin Galactic is the worlds first commercial spaceline.  Virgin Group teamed up with Abu Dhabi’s aabar Investments PJS and have completed the third testing of their first passenger carrying space vehicle called SpaceShipTwo - SS2.  Would you be interested in traveling to space in a commercial space flight?  To read more about this amazing flight...

Delivery by Drone

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For most of us when we think about the future we think of space craft flying cars and Sci-Fi weirdness. Amazon is planning to start fulfilling some of those futuristic ideas with a new delivery system called "Drones".  This drone device is a mini "octocopter" that would start delivery right after you hit the buy button.  If this device gets approved...

‘Tis the Season’ for Safety

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Delta is bringing joy and glee to flying this season with a limited edition safety video.  This video will be advertised through the remainder of the year.  It has many people commending Delta on Airline Biz Blog for this wonderful holiday marketing idea.  This video is very creative on Delta’s part for the holiday season.  In this safety video...

Relaxation on Your Journey

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Most people consider flying very stressful and unpleasant.  Especially for those who don't get to enjoy some of the luxuries and amenities found when flying internationally.  In addition, there are currently not many places in an airport where passengers can relax while waiting to get to their destination.  To address that stress, Vantaa Innovation...

“Flying Nanny”

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Sometimes flying can be a real challenge even for the average flier.  At times, there are connecting flights, maintenance problems, unexpected delays or just a really long flight period. These dreadful experiences can be extremely stressful for parents, grandparents or anyone flying with children.  Etihad Airlines has launched a new program called...

Airlines Are Moving Up in Sponsorships

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Airline Trends reported in their November 2013 edition of the Airline Marketing Benchmark, Delta Airlines and Emirates have opened up VIP lounges in sports stadiums.  Since soccer has been such a favored sport across the world, these airlines have targeted this particular sport for sponsorships.  Emirates just signed a five year sponsorship with...

USA Today Video Highlights Amazing International First Class Luxuries

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USA Today posted a video in their Travel section showing some of the most luxurious travel amenities available in international first class. The airlines mentioned as consistently delivering amazing benefits are Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates Airline and Lufthansa.  Among the amenities included in the video were Singapore Airlines' first...

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