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Airline Trivia

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Can you look at a specific aircraft livery and tell which airline it is?  I think it is pretty easy to figure out airlines like American, Delta or Virgin.  Take a look at these pictures on the following link and see if you can guess them all. To take this challenge and read more about Airline Livery, please click here.

Lost and Found

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Air France-KLM has launched the latest innovation in permanent bag tags called eTag which is accompanied by a device called eTrack.  They have partnered with FastTrack, Samsonite and Dutch telco KPN with input also coming from Delta Airlines. They are working with other suppliers so that it can be used with any airline.  The eTag electronic baggage...

‘Smart’ Boarding

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Today's avid improvement of digital components are allowing the Airports and Airlines to take control in simplifying itinerants traveling experience.  The more they streamline towards making things less complicated, the better advantage they take in gaining travelers business.  Wearable tech devices such as Google Glass and Sony SmartWatch 2, are...

Selfies with Stealth

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Cool "SELFIE" shots while these Pilots are thousands of feet in the air. Sometimes you just need a good Selfie photo to make things a little less intense while flying up high! To see more pilot photos and the context, please click here.

Best Innovations of 2013

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As cultural, technology and economics are changing, airlines are trying to accommodate more than just your hospitality needs.  Our passenger agenda today, now requires several digital components.  Some of these components are now focusing on needs like me-centric, personalized services and mind-set retail.  I think as passengers and our tech savvy...

Flying “Socially”

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With more than 5 million Facebook fans and over 800,000 Twitter followers, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines was recently voted the most "socially devoted" airlines.  Customers are able to arrange extra services like upgrades through social media.  Now KLM is exploring the idea of social payment.  This way you can pay for your ticket instead of over the...

“Placing History in the Palm of Your Hand”

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We can all agree that when it comes to technology purposes, we have all pretty much upgraded to a smart-phone.  Doing so has allowed us to obtain things in a hands reach.  With that being said, our newest go-to for anything would be apps.  There is pretty much an app for anything and everything.  Cockpit 360° is a new app that allows you to see...

Getting Connected “Thanks” to USA Today Travel

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Sometimes we find it very hard to gain Internet access especially in airports.  From “free” airport wi-fi to tethering, here’s a quick guide on how to find an Internet connection at the airport. I hope this video guide helps you to connect to the Internet and occupies your time while traveling to your destination.
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