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Unified’s Summer Volunteering

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Unified Supply is proud to announce a charity that we recently became involved with. Every summer Grace organizes a volunteer program that feeds the children lunch everyday during summer break.  A lot of these children are on a government program at school which funds their lunch meals.  Unfortunately, for the summer they don't have that option....

Polyurethane and Rubber Baggage Conveyor Parts

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Over the years, polyurethane has replaced rubber as the material choice in many component applications.  Baggage conveyor guide wheels and support wheels are now mostly made of polyurethane.  Many steel crescent pallets are now covered in polyurethane, as well. Polyurethane is chemically produced, and can be more tailored to a specific application....

Powder Coating vs. Conventional Paint

Categories: Industry News | News | Technical Tips

Powder coating is a type of finish initially applied to metal components as a powder.  The dry powder is either a thermoplastic or thermoset polymer. The powder is applied electrostatically to a clean, grounded metal part by a gun, and then cured by heating the coated part to around 390°F in a large oven.  The heat causes the powder to flow and...

Belting vs. Belts

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What is the difference between the terminology of “belting” and “belts” in the baggage conveyor industry?  Since the terms seem to mean the same, one must understand the difference implied by the slight difference in wording. “Belting” refers to the flat, moving surface driven by the drive pulleys, and spans the width and length of the...

QD® and Taper-Lock® Bushings

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Tapered bushings are used in a variety if applications throughout the baggage conveyor industry.  Typical uses are for the attachment of power transmission components to drive shafts, driven shafts, as well as the shafts into pulleys and rollers.  The wedge-action tapered grip of the bushing allows a locking method without having to deform the shaft,...

Back to the Future

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Have you thought about what things will really be in the next 50-100 years?  We used to think we would have flying cars by now.  Here is a great article and video of how the future Airbus is perceived to be.   To go to the article and video, please click here. 

Helping Airports Meet OSHA Requirements for BHS

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Unified Supply has recently been getting a lot of inquiries about OSHA compliant safety products.  New BHS conveyor projects are built with OSHA in mind, but over time chain guards, bearing covers and other required components are misplaced or discarded.  This leaves the airport vulnerable to claims of unsafe working conditions. Located here, on...

Travel Like a Genius

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Have you ever stopped to think about some of the most smartest people that we read in history and what travel was like for them?  Or did they even go on vacation and do any traveling?  Well of course they did!  Every one needs a vacation, even our world profound genius Albert Einstein.  He did some great traveling while he was developing the general...

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