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Powder Coating vs. Conventional Paint

Categories: Industry News | News | Technical Tips

Powder coating is a type of finish initially applied to metal components as a powder.  The dry powder is either a thermoplastic or thermoset polymer. The powder is applied electrostatically to a clean, grounded metal part by a gun, and then cured by heating the coated part to around 390°F in a large oven.  The heat causes the powder to flow and...

Belting vs. Belts

Categories: Industry News | News | Technical Tips

What is the difference between the terminology of “belting” and “belts” in the baggage conveyor industry?  Since the terms seem to mean the same, one must understand the difference implied by the slight difference in wording. “Belting” refers to the flat, moving surface driven by the drive pulleys, and spans the width and length of the...

QD® and Taper-Lock® Bushings

Categories: Industry News | News | Technical Tips | Unified Supply News

Tapered bushings are used in a variety if applications throughout the baggage conveyor industry.  Typical uses are for the attachment of power transmission components to drive shafts, driven shafts, as well as the shafts into pulleys and rollers.  The wedge-action tapered grip of the bushing allows a locking method without having to deform the shaft,...

Fire Security Door Parts for Vigneuax and Raynor

Categories: Inline Solutions | Miscellaneous Equipment Supply | New Installations | Projects and Solutions | Replacement Equipment

Unified Supply provides replacement parts for fire security doors such as Vigneaux and Raynor for airports and other applications. Fire security doors are typically are used to divide the secure and passenger sides of an airport.  Due to the critical role that fire security doors play in securing and airport, they are often set to disable the conveyors...

Full Line of Power Turn Parts For Portec and Transnorm

Categories: Inline Solutions | Miscellaneous Equipment Supply | Projects and Solutions | Replacement Equipment

Unified Supply has assisted many customers with their Portec and Transnorm power turn needs.  Often, when one of our customers needs power turn parts, they also need carousel or belt conveyor parts.  With one phone call to Unified Supply, they can easily address all of those needs at once. We work closely with Portec and Transnorm every day to...

JFK Baggage Handling System Modifications

Categories: Custom Modifications | Inline Solutions | Miscellaneous Equipment Supply | Projects and Solutions

A customer contacted Unified Supply about providing transport belt conveyors to modify a jetBlue baggage handling system at JFK.  The project entailed working with jetBlue to make sure the new equipment fit the unique blue sky color that jetBlue is known for.  By working closely with the airline and maintenance company, Unified Supply was able to...

BWI Queue Belts

Categories: Inline Solutions | New Installations | Projects and Solutions

Unified Supply worked with a partner to provide Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) with 36-inch Uni-Queue belt conveyors for use in an inline system.  The goal of the project was to incorporate as many queue belts in as short distance as possible to allow for maximum bag control.  The 36-inch overall-length queues provided a great solution...

PHL Slope Plate Refurbishment

Categories: Carousel Refurbishments | Legacy Parts Support | Projects and Solutions

Unified Supply was able to support a customer with legacy equipment at Philadelphia International Airport.  The unit had not been produced since the mid-1990s and the customer was relieved to find a source for the parts.  Unified Supply provided the parts necessary to get the antiquated system up-to-date and back in service.

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