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Gray is the new Blue

Categories: Industry News | News

Later this month, American Airlines will launch a new uniform color.  Gray is going to be the new blue for this airline.  It's a new modern but elegant style for flight attendants, pilots, customer service agents and other American employees.  It will be a lot easier to match other colors along with it.  Which makes getting ready and looking professional...

2015 Must Dos

Categories: Industry News

Have you thought about your New Years resolution yet for next year?  What about where you will travel and visit?  Here is a great article by Huffington Post on 2015 Must Dos.  Will one of these places be on your resolution?   Happy New Year and we hope your travels for 2015 are exciting and adventurous!   Click here, to check out this article...

It’s holiday travel time!

Categories: Industry News | News

Do you have every thing prepared for your holiday travel?  We know how anxious the holidays can be and even more so with travel.  Having a list of things you need to prepare yourself always helps.  But what happens if you forget your checklist?  What is your next step to help you through your travels?  This might not be everything you need for...

Flying it Forward

Categories: Industry News | News

JetBlue is paying it forward in their own kind of way calling it "flying it forward".  They are giving a endless ticket to a deserving individual to fulfill a dream or make a meaningful humanitarian impact on the world. Then that person gets to pick the next person for a trip and so on and so on.  “JetBlue is turning an airline ticket into a chain...

Salute to our Heroes!

Categories: Industry News | News

Veterans Day gives us the opportunity to honor our former servicemen and there sacrifice for our nations freedom.  Some get Veterans day and Memorial day confused.  Veterans day we celebrate there service to our country, and Memorial day is remembering our fallen soldiers that risk there life during serving our country.   We want to thank you all...

Healthy Travels

Categories: Industry News | News

Being healthy and staying healthy may not seem like one of those things to put on your travel checklist.  But if you think about it, travel can be a bit exhausting at times.  And the last thing you need is your body fighting against you while heading to your vacation destination.   If you uphold some really simple tips during your travel, you will...

7-Rib Bumper for Stearns Maxi I Legacy Carousels

Categories: Industry News | News | Technical Tips

Unified Supply provides 7-Rib Bumper for the Stearns Maxi I legacy systems.  The bumper is a key component in maintaining the safety of the traveling public as well as baggage handling workers.   The Stearns Maxi I is one of the most innovative slope plate carousel designs ever, allowing for layouts beyond simple ovals.  This is because the Maxi...

Survivor Flights in PINK Style

Categories: Industry News | News

The travel industry is taking the month of October to new heights.  One of our great airline friends Delta has taken flying this month all the way PINK.  This month they launched their survivor flight Boeing 767-400 and it's beautifully decked out for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  This year is the 10th Annual flight for more than 140 employees...

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