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We also supply replacement components utilized in all industry standard systems.

*Note: OEM and Brand names are for reference only, to indicate systems for which parts are compatible.

Slope (Incline) Plate Carousels

Manufacturer Brand
ABHI Slope (Incline) Plate
BAE Jetclaim Mark II Slope (Incline) Plate
BAE Jetclaim Mark IV Slope (Incline) Plate
CCC Conveyors Ultra-Claim Slope (Incline) Plate
FKI Slope (Incline) Plate
Glidepath Slope (Incline) Plate
G&S Slope (Incline) Plate
G&T Slope (Incline) Plate
Horsley Slope (Incline) Plate
Logan Teleflex Slope (Incline) Plate
Matflex Slope (Incline) Plate
Mathews Slope (Incline) Plate
Mathews VIP Slope (Incline) Plate
Pteris Slope (Incline) Plate
Rapistan Slope (Incline) Plate
Siemens 7000 Slope (Incline) Plate
Siemens 7100 Slope (Incline) Plate
Siemens 7900 Colby Slope (Incline) Plate
Stearns Maxiclaim I (Maxi I) Slope (Incline) Plate
Stearns Maxiclaim II New Style (Maxi II New) Slope (Incline) Plate
Stearns Maxiclaim II Old Style (Maxi II Old) Slope (Incline) Plate
Unified Supply Uni-Claim Slope (Incline) Plate
Vanderlande Slope (Incline) Plate
Webb Slope (Incline) Plate

Flat Plate Carousels

Manufacturer Brand
ABHI Flat Plate
BAE Jetplate Flat Plate
BCS CP2006 Flat Plate
CCC Conveyors Ultra-Flite 2000 Flat Plate
CCC Conveyors Ultra-Flite Old Flat Plate
FKI Flat Plate
Glidepath Flat Plate
G&S Flat Plate
G&T Flat Plate
Horsley Flat Plate
Logan Teleflex Flat Plate
Matflex Flat Plate
Mathews Flat Plate
Pteris Flat Plate
Rapistan Flat Plate
Siemens 300C Flat Plate
Stearns TransiTread Oversize Flat Plate
Stearns TransiTread Standard Snap Ring Flat Plate
Stearns TransiTread Standard Threaded Flat Plate
Unified Supply Uni-Flite Flat Plate
Unified Supply Uni-Plate Flat Plate
Vanderlande Flat Plate
Webb Flat Plate

Belt Conveyors

Manufacturer Brand
ABHI Belt Conveyors
BAE Belt Conveyors
CCC Conveyors Belt Conveyors
FKI Belt Conveyors
Glidepath Belt Conveyors
G&S Belt Conveyors
G&T Belt Conveyors
Horsley Belt Conveyors
Logan Teleflex Belt Conveyors
Matflex Belt Conveyors
Mathews Belt Conveyors
Pteris Belt Conveyors
Rapistan Belt Conveyors
Siemens Belt Conveyors
Stearns Belt Conveyors
Unified Supply Belt Conveyors
Vanderlande Belt Conveyors
Webb Belt Conveyors

Other Device Parts

Manufacturer Brand
Portec Power Turns
Transnorm Power Turns
BAE Pusher
G&T Pusher
Matflex Pusher
Siemens 6600 High-Speed Diverter
Siemens 6650 High-Speed Diverter
Vigneaux Doors Fire / Security Doors
Raynor Doors Fire / Security Doors
Allen-Bradley Electrical Components
Hubbell Electrical Components
Siemens Electrical Components

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