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7-Rib Bumper for Stearns Maxi I Legacy Carousels

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Unified Supply provides 7-Rib Bumper for the Stearns Maxi I legacy systems.  The bumper is a key component in maintaining the safety of the traveling public as well as baggage handling workers.

The Stearns Maxi I is one of the most innovative slope plate carousel designs ever, allowing for layouts beyond simple ovals.  This is because the Maxi I is capable of bi-directional turning, which allows for carousel layouts such as kidney shape utilizing both left-hand and right-hand turns.

The 7-Rib Bumper, also known as a Shock Absorber, is flexible enough to support the bi-directional turning capability of the Stearns Maxi I.  The primary components of the 7-Rib Assembly are the bumper itself, as well as clips and wear strips.  The clips serve as locks to keep the UHMW wear strips in place during high-vibration use.  In the photos shown, the bumper is a black rubber material, while the UHMW wear strips are white and the locking clips are silver in color.


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