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Baggage Carousel Bumpers for Every Make and Model

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Unified Supply supports every aspect of carousels in the baggage handling system industry.  One of the most critical parts we support which are often overlooked are carousel bumpers.  Carousel bumpers serve the very important function on slope plate devices of cushioning the blow from bags sliding down the stainless steel pallets.

Carousel bumpers which are not adequately replaced can lead to destruction of bags and additional pinch points which can snag bags and gather trash, in addition increasing the chance of injury to passengers who come in contact with the damaged bumpers.  Damaged bumpers need to be replaced as a matter of efficiency and safety, not simply cosmetics.

Unified Supply provides the bumpers which come standard on every brand of baggage conveyor in the industry including 3-D Bumpers and 7-Rib Bumpers.  In addition to standard replacement, we have worked with multiple customers to retrofit their carousel to work with their bumper of choice.

If your bag system needs replacement carousel bumpers to improve looks and operation, contact our Parts Department today.


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