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Henry’s Summer Internship with us!

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This summer at Unified Supply, I have learned an immense amount about this small company by wearing many hats.  I have made a plethora of drawings of new and old industry designs.  Taught a technical briefing regarding specialized tools and procedures for taper lock bushings.  Took part in plenty of hands on work in the production shop, allowing me to increase my power tools knowledge, get experience in QC procedure, and see the entire process from initial checking to final installation.  Spoken to a customer to assess the functionality of a unique solution. 

On a lighter note, I have, heard all about Derek’s tinfoil hat theories.  Watched Austin consume an incredible number of snacks, previously thought to be impossible for someone of his stature.  Heard Alec play Old Town Road a billion times and tell me how QuickBooks is like Makers Mark.  Inhaled enough sawdust to last a lifetime while cutting spacers with Cameron.  Learned which side of the mouse is left and right.  Discovered that I apparently like the crust cut off my sandwiches

All in all, I’ve had an incredible time this entire summer, learning the ins and outs of the business and making new friends along the way!

Henry thank you for sharing everything you have learned and gained while working with us.  We have enjoyed having you over the summer and we look forward to you becoming a part of the team after graduation, I mean you did commit to that right?!!  



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