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Do you know the difference of Main Chain?

Categories: Industry News

Tara Riggs: Hello, this is Tara Riggs [SP] and I'm here with Colin Sanburg [SP] and we're with Unified Supply. Today we want to tell you about main chain and what it's used for on the carousel. Maybe some questions that you may have that you run into while you're out in the field dealing with one of these main chains. Colin why don't you tell me a little...

Great Information on Link Weldments for YOUR BHS!

Categories: Industry News

Tara: Hello there. I'm Tara Riggs and this is Colin Sanburg and we're here with Unified Supply. So today we're going to talk about a link weldment. That's what we call this particular part that goes in the carousel. And Colin's going to give us a little overview of the different types of names that we hear in the industry that is used for a link weldment,...

We have 3D Bumper for your Carousel!

Categories: Industry News

Melissa: Hi, this is Beau and Melissa from Unified Supply and we're here today to talk to you about 3-D bumpers. Beau, can you tell me a little bit about this? Beau: Sure. So the 3-D bumper, it's pretty self-explanatory. What we're gonna see right here are basically three D's that are shaved into the bumper. The cool thing about this bumper is that...

Do you have 7-Rib Bumper for the Stearns Maxi I?

Categories: Industry News

Melissa: Hi, this is Beau and Melissa with Unified Supply and we're here to talk to you about 7-rib bumpers. Beau, can you tell me a little bit about these? Beau: All right. So this is a specific bumper for a specific product. We learned earlier about some other bumpers but this one was mainly designed for the Stearns Maxi I. The cool thing about...

What kind of Drive Chains do you have on your Baggage Handling Systems?

Categories: Industry News

Sarah: Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm here with Colin from Unified Supply, and we're here today to talk to you about drive chains. So what can you tell us about the different types of drive chains? Colin: Sure, so the different types of drive chains, what they have in common is they're all basically for a carousel. The drive chain is a mechanism that...

Do your carousels have high wear parts such as Bronze Bushings & Bronze Thrust Washers?

Categories: Industry News

Hi this is Beau Stombaugh with Unified Supply and also I have Melissa Miller. We're going to talk to you about our Bronze Bushings and our Bronze Thrust Washers. These are 20% oil impregnated which both are self lubricated. These are what we consider a high wear items. They go on different areas of a carousel whether it be a Flat Plate or Slope Plate....

Crescent Pallets/Flights for Flat Plate Carousels

Categories: Industry News

Unified Supply stocks steel crescent pallets, also known as crescent flights or crescent plates, for most flat plate style carousels. All steel crescent pallets are powder coated for protection from corrosive elements. An optional urethane coating is available for the pallet top surface, providing an additional high-quality textured appearance and protection...

Unified Supply Gives Back to the Community

Categories: Unified Supply News

GRACE is grateful to have the generous support of Unified Supply, a Grapevine-based company that is as dedicated to their craft as they are giving back to their community. Located off Texan Trail, the modest team is responsible for tremendous engineering feats virtually every traveler has already appreciated and admired. Unified Supply contracts...

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