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Food Trucks: A New Dining Option At Airports

Categories: Industry News | News

Airport cellphone waiting areas are starting to look like fast-food drive-ins. A number of airports are allowing food trucks to set up shop in or near cellphone lots where people wait to pick up passengers. The trucks, which often showcase regional foods, cater to travelers, those picking them up and airport employees. The trucks let airports shed...

Traveler’s Aide: Be Sure And Check Your Itinerary Even After Booking

Categories: Industry News | News

In December 2012, I bought Hawaiian Airlines tickets via Orbitz for a summer trip from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia, connecting in Honolulu. Less than two weeks before my departure date, I reviewed my reservation online and discovered that Hawaiian changed the departure time of my San Francisco flight. The new departure time cut my connection...

TSA Adds Speedier Check Outs At Several Airports, Hopefully Nationwide

Categories: Industry News | News

As the Transportation Security Administration expands its speedier screening program at airport checkpoints, the agency expects nearly 400,000 travelers to join in the first year. TSA is expanding Pre-check, which has separate screening lines at 40 airports where travelers can leave on their shoes and keep laptops in their bags. Frequent fliers at...

Hotels Offering To Go Meal For On The Go Air Travelers

Categories: Industry News | News

Hotels are taking your takeout orders. A number of hotels across the country are offering gourmet meals for guests to take with them on their airplane rides home. They are packaged to fit in a carry-on and abide by the Transportation Security Administration's 3.4-ounce maximum for liquids. Hotels says the meals are popular with guests who don't want...

Flight Attendants Being Called Heroes For Their Actions in Asiana Flight 214 Crash

Categories: Industry News | News

Asiana Airlines attendants are being lauded as heroes for their role in helping passengers to safety after the crash-landing of Flight 214 at San Francisco on Saturday. Lee Yoon-hye, described by The Associated Press as the "cabin manger" who was "apparently the last person to leave the burning plane," was among those being called out for her efforts...

Allegiant Air Hits The Jackpot On Small-town America

Categories: Industry News | News

There are no sure things in Las Vegas — with one exception: Allegiant Air. While other U.S. airlines have struggled over the past decade from the ups and downs of the economy and the price of jet fuel, Allegiant has been profitable for 10 straight years. The tiny airline focuses on a niche ignored by other airlines: It only flies from small...

Pratt and Whitney Pioneers Quieter Jet Engine

Categories: Industry News | News

A quiet innovation in aviation is expected later this month. Bombardier Aerospace plans to test-fly a new plane with quieter engines from Pratt & Whitney. The companies say the geared turbofan engines are projected to burn 20% less fuel and reduce noise, and Bombardier could be the first to use planes with the quieter engines a year from now. While...

American Airlines Offers Answers To Questions Before US Airways Merger

Categories: Industry News | News

As part of its regulatory filings in connection with the US Airways merger, American Airlines disclosed three sets of communications sent to American’s customer relations people to help them answer customers’ questions. The basic points: Nothing changes immediately in your flight, your frequent-flier program or anything else. Later, things...

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