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JFK Flat Plate Refurbishment Parts

Categories: Carousel Refurbishments | Legacy Parts Support | Projects and Solutions

Unified Supply was contacted by an existing customer when the time came to do a major refurbishment of their baggage conveyor carousel.  The unit frame was in good shape, but most of the moving parts were approaching the end of their life-cycle.  Unified Supply worked with the customer to provide the parts in an assembled manner which minimized...

MIA Carousel Drive Modification

Categories: Custom Modifications | Legacy Parts Support | Projects and Solutions

One of Unified Supply’s parts customers approached us about a carousel that was faltering due to its drive base weakening.  Since the remainder of the unit was in relatively good condition, the customer hoped to avoid replacing the entire unit. The real problem was that years ago the drive base had been modified which required a non-standard...

DAL In-Line Queue Belts

Categories: Custom Modifications | New Installations | Projects and Solutions

Southwest Airlines contracted Unified Supply and a partner to provide a Uni-Queue Belt solution for their Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) security area.  The solution allowed for an existing belt conveyor line to be retrofit with three scanning devices in a minimal footprint.  The design also allowed for TSA personnel to work in the remaining...

FAA Mandates Inspection of Early-Model 737 Aircraft

Categories: Industry News | News

The FAA today mandated the inspection of early-model Boeing 737s for signs of metal fatigue.  The metal fatigue inspection process applies to a total of 175 aircraft worldwide including 80 registered in the United States. The repetitive electromagnetic inspections are designed to detect cracking that is not detectable during visual inspections. ...

IAH In-Line Tapered Queue Belts

Categories: Inline Solutions

Another manufacturer contracted with Unified Supply to provide Tapered Queue Belts for use at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).  The queues allowed for the majority of the transport conveyors to be the maximum width, while the tapered queues reduced the width of the belt conveyors just prior to the security scanning devices.  The...

DFW Claim Unit Replacement

Categories: New Installations | Replacement Equipment

Unified Supply was contracted by a partner to supply a replacement Uni-Claim slope plate unit for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) Terminal E Claim Area.  The unit first came to the attention of Unified Supply through support parts.  When the time came to replace the unit, DFW put the project out for bid and Unified Supply was part...

DCA Slope Plate Replacement

Categories: Replacement Equipment

Unified Supply worked with Ronald Regan National Airport (DCA) in trouble-shooting problems with an existing slope plate device.   When it was determined by the airport and US Airways that the device should be replaced, they contracted with Unified Supply to provide a Uni-Claim replacement unit.  Because the unit is critical to operations at...

FLL Slope Plate Installation

Categories: New Installations | Projects and Solutions | Replacement Equipment

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) contracted Unified Supply to provide a new Uni-Claim slope plate carousel.  Airport personnel were able to install the carousel using the support of Unified Supply’s engineering staff, saving the county a substantial amount on the project.  The new carousel also allowed for FLL to...

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