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Power is harnessed from a motor and right angle vertical solid shaft reducer assembly, mounted in a triangular drive unit(s).  Dual drive unit carousels utilize high-slip design D motors.  A reducer drive sprocket rotates a horizontal drive chain assembly in a triangular configuration.  The drive chain engages the flat sprockets bolted to the pallet supports.  The drive chain is guided and supported by three UHMW channels, located between two idler sheaves and the drive sprocket.  Screw adjustments are provided for proper chain engagement, tensioning, and compensation for initial chain break-in, as well as normal wear.

A minimum of three pallet assemblies are engaged with the 7000 Series drive at any time.  (Many other manufacturers’ devices may only have two pallet links engaged.)

Height adjusting support bolts consist of 3/4-10 hardware, and utilize individual rubber isolation pads for quiet operation.

Drive assemblies run at 90 FPM and require an electronic soft start device located in the MCP.

  • Standard gear reducers are Dodge Quantis, Sumitomo Cyclo BBB or SEW Eurodrive KF Series.
  • Standard motors are Baldor or Reliance.  “High-slip” Design D motors are required for carrousels with two or more drives running simultaneously.
  • Other reducer and motor combinations are available upon request.

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