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Unified Supply provides the cam followers and cam bearings for most baggage carousels.  These products come in several sizes, most of which we stock, including:

  • Standard Sizes and Lengths
  • Modified Lengths
  • Threaded and Snap Ring Attachments

Please call today and Unified Supply will verify support for your cam follower and cam bearing products.

Video Transcript:

Tara: Hi, this is Tara with Unified Supply, and I’m here with Colin, and today we’re going to talk about cam followers, also known as cam bearings. So here I have in my hand a cam follower with a snap ring, and Colin has just a standard threaded cam follower. And he’s going to tell you a little bit about the difference and what they’re used for. So why don’t we start with the standard threaded cam follower? What is it used for on the carousel and why do you need to replace them?

Colin: Well, these are most typically going to be used on a flat plate. There are some old legacy slope plates out there that have these, the Stearns Maxi I is probably the best example. But typically, this is going to serve one of two functions, sometimes it does both. It’s either going to be the guide, which means that it’s going around the carousel, usually rolling along a track, and as you can see, this is a bearing, so it is able to pivot freely. As that goes around the track, it’s going to be riding along some of the steel. It’s fixed into, typically, a link weldment, and occasionally a pallet support. And when it does that, again, it’s going to be kind of maintaining that perimeter shape and keeping the crescent pallets or the stainless steel pallets in line with where they need to be.

The other function is that this is, because it’s very strong, it is made of steel, this is able to be engaged with the drive chain, and so you’ll actually have the drive chain hit it and drag it along, and that’s what propels the link weldments forward, like on one of the TransiTread style of carousels. That’s the typical use of this product.

Tara: Great. Well, thanks so much for stopping by and learning about cam followers. We hope to get an order from you soon, and just e-mail us at Have a great day. Bye.

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