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The 3000 Series Uni-Queueâ„¢ is designed to compliment the larger 9000 Series Uni-Beltâ„¢ in a more compact package utilizing many similar components, enabling unique solutions for a diversity of applications.

With the use of a tapered side guard configuration, the Uni-Queueâ„¢ can be utilized upstream of an EDS to funnel baggage into a narrower opening. With a standard straight frame and a high cycle rate, it can be used as a method of traffic control at merge points.

A compact design allows for installation at ticket counters, with a low loading height of 12”, and can be trimmed in stainless steel.

With 11 gauge steel construction and full-sized end rollers, the Uni-Queue™ can easily sustain 120-pound bags being dropped from a height of 12”.

For TSA applications, the Uni-Queueâ„¢ can be mounted at any height to match the latest of screening devices, allowing smooth and efficient transfers for load and offload belts.

The Uni-Queueâ„¢ also has the unique ability to travel in reverse, as well as forward, creating an assortment of special applications.

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