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Polyurethane and Rubber Baggage Conveyor Parts

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Over the years, polyurethane has replaced rubber as the material choice in many component applications.  Baggage conveyor guide wheels and support wheels are now mostly made of polyurethane.  Many steel crescent pallets are now covered in polyurethane, as well.

Polyurethane is chemically produced, and can be more tailored to a specific application.  The advantages polyurethane has over rubber are many, making the manufacturing of high wear items using polyurethane more common.  Listed below are some of the advantages polyurethane has over rubber:

1.)  Greater resistance to chemicals, ozone, oxygen and sunlight.

2.)  Superior abrasion, cut and tear resistance.

3.)  Higher Load Bearing and Tensile Strength.

Rubber begins as a natural material, and then chemically altered with mineral oils and carbon to create the final product.  Rubber can be a less expensive choice, and is usually the proper material for larger items, such as bumpers and finger guard.

Unified Supply utilizes both polyurethane and rubber materials for baggage conveyor parts, depending on application.  The polyurethane wheels we sell are specifically colored to help identify your carousel utilization.


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