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Runway to Reality

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Do you ever prepare for a night stay in the event your flight has been canceled?  We are always worried about our traveling checklist and if we have forgotten anything.  The next thing to add to that list is a hotel at the airport.  Traveling can be a bit overwhelming and its always nice to have a back up plan in the event you have to stay over...

Silicon Valleys Prestigious Airport

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Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport SJC is Silicon Valleys prestigious airport.  From the highest levels of business with obliging needs to low key every day travel.   Outlets in every chair, free Wi-fi, workstations and where "everyone-is-welcome" atmosphere. I would love to just hop on a flight to SJC and visit Silicon Valleys extraordinary...

Look Back at Flying in the 1950s

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A new article from Huffington Post today provided a very interesting look back at the early years of commercial aviation.  From those early days which included lobster meals and copious amounts of smoking in-flight, the industry evolved through increased competition and regulation.  One of the most striking elements of travel in the 1950s was the...

Time Lapse of US Airways Jet Conversion to American Airlines Livery

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This time lapse video shows the entire process of painting a US Airways jet with American Airlines livery in less than two minutes.  Seeing the extensive number of processes and then considering how many jets are in the old US Airways fleet gives a true appreciation of the scale of an airline makeover!

Paramount Destinations for 2014

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Wall Street Journal list the top family travel destinations for 2014.  The top destinations for this year are, Denmark, Belize, New York City, Iceland and Hawaii which is at the top.  Which one would you like to go to?  They are all so beautiful and breathe-taking!  We would like to travel to all of the above!  To watch the video of the top destinations...

In Sky Hotel

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As many of us know, American Airlines is known just as an Airline.  Now they want to step out of that criteria.  They have been there and done that, and now they want to move on to becoming a airline hotel. AA wants to refer all their customers now as guest and not passengers.  This new cabin design will include, a walk-up bar, business class "suites"...

“Flying Sight”

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Orbis Flying Eye Hospital (FEH) is an aircraft designed in the inside for eyesight repair.  The Orbis International (New York) is an international non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to saving sight worldwide. FEH's next destination for saving eyesight is China.  China accounts for about 18 percent of the world’s blind and...

Airline Trivia

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Can you look at a specific aircraft livery and tell which airline it is?  I think it is pretty easy to figure out airlines like American, Delta or Virgin.  Take a look at these pictures on the following link and see if you can guess them all. To take this challenge and read more about Airline Livery, please click here.
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