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Baggage Carousel Bumpers for Every Make and Model

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Unified Supply supports every aspect of carousels in the baggage handling system industry.  One of the most critical parts we support which are often overlooked are carousel bumpers.  Carousel bumpers serve the very important function on slope plate devices of cushioning the blow from bags sliding down the stainless steel pallets. Carousel...

Preventative Replacement of Carousel Parts Improves Lifespan

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Being a "Parts Focused" Baggage Handling System (BHS) company, we are often asked by our customers to give them advice on how to maximize the life-expectancy of their bag system.  The best advice is simply "maintain, maintain, maintain." Many times a baggage conveyor system's maintenance responsibilities can change hands during it's lifespan. ...

PHL Slope Plate Refurbishment

Categories: Carousel Refurbishments | Legacy Parts Support | Projects and Solutions

Unified Supply was able to support a customer with legacy equipment at Philadelphia International Airport.  The unit had not been produced since the mid-1990s and the customer was relieved to find a source for the parts.  Unified Supply provided the parts necessary to get the antiquated system up-to-date and back in service.

JFK Flat Plate Refurbishment Parts

Categories: Carousel Refurbishments | Legacy Parts Support | Projects and Solutions

Unified Supply was contacted by an existing customer when the time came to do a major refurbishment of their baggage conveyor carousel.  The unit frame was in good shape, but most of the moving parts were approaching the end of their life-cycle.  Unified Supply worked with the customer to provide the parts in an assembled manner which minimized...

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