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7-Rib Bumper for Stearns Maxi I Legacy Carousels

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Unified Supply provides 7-Rib Bumper for the Stearns Maxi I legacy systems.  The bumper is a key component in maintaining the safety of the traveling public as well as baggage handling workers. The Stearns Maxi I is one of the most innovative slope plate carousel designs ever, allowing for layouts beyond simple ovals.  This is because the Maxi...

Baggage Carousel Bumpers for Every Make and Model

Categories: Carousel Refurbishments | Custom Modifications | Industry News | Legacy Parts Support | Projects and Solutions | Technical Tips

Unified Supply supports every aspect of carousels in the baggage handling system industry.  One of the most critical parts we support which are often overlooked are carousel bumpers.  Carousel bumpers serve the very important function on slope plate devices of cushioning the blow from bags sliding down the stainless steel pallets. Carousel...

Preventative Replacement of Carousel Parts Improves Lifespan

Categories: Carousel Refurbishments | Legacy Parts Support | Miscellaneous Equipment Supply | Projects and Solutions | Replacement Equipment | Technical Tips

Being a "Parts Focused" Baggage Handling System (BHS) company, we are often asked by our customers to give them advice on how to maximize the life-expectancy of their bag system.  The best advice is simply "maintain, maintain, maintain." Many times a baggage conveyor system's maintenance responsibilities can change hands during it's lifespan. ...

Galvanized Parts and Zinc Plated Fasteners

Categories: Industry News | News | Technical Tips

The corrosion resistance of zinc is considerably greater than steel.  Zinc coatings also serve as a sacrificial anode, providing a cathodic protection for exposed steel.  Therefore, if the zinc coating is scratched, the exposed steel is still protected from corrosion by the surrounding zinc remaining.  The cathodic protection offers an advantage...

Gear Reducer Lubrication: What are your levels?

Categories: Industry News | News | Technical Tips

Not all gear reducer lubricants are the same.  Many of the newly manufactured reducers are coming from the factory with synthetic oil, or synthetic grease.  While synthetics are often superior to mineral based lubricants and offer longer change intervals, one should always keep an eye on the lubricant level, regardless of type. Keep a list...

Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Parts and Fasteners

Categories: Industry News | News | Technical Tips

Stainless steel does not easily rust, corrode, or stain as ordinary carbon steel does when exposed to air and water.  Stainless steel is used where the strength of steel and a high resistance to corrosion are both desired, as well as for decorative purposes, most often in public view.  Many architectural applications utilize stainless steel, such...

Polyurethane and Rubber Baggage Conveyor Parts

Categories: Industry News | News | Technical Tips

Over the years, polyurethane has replaced rubber as the material choice in many component applications.  Baggage conveyor guide wheels and support wheels are now mostly made of polyurethane.  Many steel crescent pallets are now covered in polyurethane, as well. Polyurethane is chemically produced, and can be more tailored to a specific application....

Powder Coating vs. Conventional Paint

Categories: Industry News | News | Technical Tips

Powder coating is a type of finish initially applied to metal components as a powder.  The dry powder is either a thermoplastic or thermoset polymer. The powder is applied electrostatically to a clean, grounded metal part by a gun, and then cured by heating the coated part to around 390°F in a large oven.  The heat causes the powder to flow...

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