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Fire Security Door Parts for Vigneuax and Raynor

Categories: Inline Solutions | Miscellaneous Equipment Supply | New Installations | Projects and Solutions | Replacement Equipment

Unified Supply provides replacement parts for fire security doors such as Vigneaux and Raynor for airports and other applications. Fire security doors are typically are used to divide the secure and passenger sides of an airport.  Due to the critical role that fire security doors play in securing and airport, they are often set to disable the...

BWI Queue Belts

Categories: Inline Solutions | New Installations | Projects and Solutions

Unified Supply worked with a partner to provide Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) with 36-inch Uni-Queue belt conveyors for use in an inline system.  The goal of the project was to incorporate as many queue belts in as short distance as possible to allow for maximum bag control.  The 36-inch overall-length queues provided a great...

DAL In-Line Queue Belts

Categories: Custom Modifications | New Installations | Projects and Solutions

Southwest Airlines contracted Unified Supply and a partner to provide a Uni-Queue Belt solution for their Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) security area.  The solution allowed for an existing belt conveyor line to be retrofit with three scanning devices in a minimal footprint.  The design also allowed for TSA personnel to work in the remaining...

DFW Claim Unit Replacement

Categories: New Installations | Replacement Equipment

Unified Supply was contracted by a partner to supply a replacement Uni-Claim slope plate unit for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) Terminal E Claim Area.  The unit first came to the attention of Unified Supply through support parts.  When the time came to replace the unit, DFW put the project out for bid and Unified Supply was part...

FLL Slope Plate Installation

Categories: New Installations | Projects and Solutions | Replacement Equipment

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) contracted Unified Supply to provide a new Uni-Claim slope plate carousel.  Airport personnel were able to install the carousel using the support of Unified Supply’s engineering staff, saving the county a substantial amount on the project.  The new carousel also allowed for FLL to...

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