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Galvanized Parts and Zinc Plated Fasteners

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The corrosion resistance of zinc is considerably greater than steel.  Zinc coatings also serve as a sacrificial anode, providing a cathodic protection for exposed steel.  Therefore, if the zinc coating is scratched, the exposed steel is still protected from corrosion by the surrounding zinc remaining.  The cathodic protection offers an advantage not offered by painting or powder coating.

Galvanization is the process of applying a protective coating of zinc to steel to create rust protection.  The most common method of galvanizing steel is hot-dip galvanization, involving the submersion of steel in a bath of hot, molten zinc.  The end result is a thick, matte gray finish, and is very durable.

For fasteners, the thick outer application of hot-dip zinc coating requires the internal steel dimensions to be reduced.  Consequently, electroplating is often used instead for fastener protection, since the plating is thinner, and allows the threads to function properly.  Electroplating also creates a bright and shiny appearance, usually desired for a new installation.

Unified Supply offers zinc plated fasteners and galvanized steel parts for baggage conveyor applications.  Zinc coatings are a low cost alternative to stainless steel.  Zinc plated fasteners are usually the most common and affordable types of mechanical hardware obtainable.


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