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Do you know the difference of Main Chain?

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Tara Riggs: Hello, this is Tara Riggs [SP] and I’m here with Colin Sanburg [SP] and we’re with Unified Supply. Today we want to tell you about main chain and what it’s used for on the carousel. Maybe some questions that you may have that you run into while you’re out in the field dealing with one of these main chains. Colin why don’t you tell me a little about a main chain and what it is used for on the carousel.

Colin Sanburg: Sure, so the first thing is to kind of help define what a main chain is. This is not the same as a drive chain. We also sometimes hear people call link weldments, the chain that goes around a flat plate. What this is, is on two particular slope plate carousels, there is this chain that runs all the way around the perimeter of the carousel. Those two carousels that are affected by this are the CCC-Ultra Claim and the Sterns Maxi-Two old style. Both of them have a very similar chain.

They’re not identical, but it’s a very similar main chain. The way this works, this hardware set up that you see here is what actually connects to the pallet support. This main chain goes all the way around the perimeter of the carousel. When it comes in to the drive section you actually have drive, the drive of the carousel is engaging with this main chain. It’s kind of a unique way to maintain that identical spacing between all the different pallet supports. But it can also be fairly expensive to replace the main chain. It’s important that you keep it up as part of your maintenance

Tara: Okay. Well great. Well if you have any questions about your main chain or having needs for any of the parts on the carousel for the main chain. Just let us know and we’ll get you taken care of. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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