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Blake Storms Promoted to CEO of Unified Supply

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Unified Supply announced November 6th that Blake Storms has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer effective immediately.  Mr. Storms previously served as COO of the Rhome, TX company.

“Blake brought tremendous leadership qualities that have helped our entire team grow,” said Tara Riggs, Senior Account Manager for Unified Supply. “He has also gotten to know our customers and learned about their constraints and need for solutions.”

With the promotion, Mr. Storms will also lead the strategic growth of Unified Supply, working to implement engineered BHS solutions for airlines and maintenance groups at airports across North America.

“Blake is a strong leader who believes in transparency on all levels,” said Scott Hashimoto, Director of Projects. “His commitment to 100% customer satisfaction trickles down to all of us.”

Mr. Storms previously served in management positions in the Oil and Gas, and Industrial Water industries.  He graduated with a degree in Engineering from TCU in Fort Worth, TX, before gaining his MBA at UNLV in Las Vegas, NV. 

“Since coming on board, Blake has brought new strategies and visions for each department,” said Alec Schaffner, Engineering Team Lead. “He has been intentional in his actions and has aided in developing our team to a new standard.”

When asked about his promotion, Mr. Storms instead turned the focus to the Unified Supply team, stating “Their focus on helping customers and holding us to the standard of exceptional support has been the backbone of this company’s success.  Their dedication and tremendous effort have provided us the opportunity to continue growing as an organization.”

Mr. Storms also serves as the Chairman of the Marketing Committee for the International Association of Baggage System Companies (IABSC).  He lives in Fort Worth, TX with his wife Lauren and two children, Jackson and Elizabeth.

With the announcement, Colin Sanburg, who previously served thirteen years as CEO of Unified Supply, will serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the company.


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