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We have 3D Bumper for your Carousel!

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Melissa: Hi, this is Beau and Melissa from Unified Supply and we’re here today to talk to you about 3-D bumpers. Beau, can you tell me a little bit about this?

Beau: Sure. So the 3-D bumper, it’s pretty self-explanatory. What we’re gonna see right here are basically three D’s that are shaved into the bumper. The cool thing about this bumper is that it’s cut to size. So if we ever have an issue where a customer has got a piece that’s missing or that’s gotten messed up somehow, it’s real easy for us to cut it to whatever length they need and get it out to them. Or even if they have the spare there as well, they can cut it to whatever they need.

So, a couple different ways that we can connect this. We’ve got this insert, so every time we’re joining a new piece of 3-D bumper together, we’re gonna fit these three inserts inside there. And what that’s gonna do is allow us not to be able to put our fingers inside while it’s moving and flexing. And also, just to keep something there just so other things don’t get caught.

And we join it pretty easy. What we’ll do is, we put a couple of three-quarter inch holes in the back of this. And then we’ve got space for a two and a half-inch fully-threaded bolt, a washer, and then this toggle nut, right here. So we just kinda plug it in there and just zip it into the back of the paddle support. And that’s what holds it together. So, pretty simple stuff.

Melissa: Okay, sounds good. Thanks for stopping by, and contact us if you have any questions.

Beau: Thank you.


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