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Do you have 7-Rib Bumper for the Stearns Maxi I?

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Melissa: Hi, this is Beau and Melissa with Unified Supply and we’re here to talk to you about 7-rib bumpers. Beau, can you tell me a little bit about these?

Beau: All right. So this is a specific bumper for a specific product. We learned earlier about some other bumpers but this one was mainly designed for the Stearns Maxi I. The cool thing about the Stearns Maxi I is the way it’s shaped and the way that particular unit is put together. Most carousels have to travel in just one direction, it’s gotta be set up that particular way. With the Stearns Maxi I, you can go either direction, either clockwise or counter-clockwise. And this bumper kind of helps allow that action to happen without any drama.

So we call it 7-rib because on the back of it here, basically we have these seven ribs. Then this is the back, where it will mount to the other bottom of the pallet support on the slope plate carousel.

And then along with that, the mounting pieces, you don’t just want to mount the rubber onto it because, of course, it’s gonna tear. We have what we call “clips and strips.” So these metal pieces. And then we have, basically, like a UHMW slide-on clip here. And this is what helps us fasten it to the pallet support. The metal clips help secure the strips on this so they don’t slide off. And the whole thing works together as an assembly to keep that bumper on that pallet support and hopefully not damage the bags as they slide down.

Melissa: Great. Well, thanks for all that information. And please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by.

Beau: Thank you.


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