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Belting vs. Belts

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What is the difference between the terminology of “belting” and “belts” in the baggage conveyor industry?  Since the terms seem to mean the same, one must understand the difference implied by the slight difference in wording.

“Belting” refers to the flat, moving surface driven by the drive pulleys, and spans the width and length of the belt conveyors.  The belting forms a closed loop using lacing and a removable pin.  Belting comes in a variety of surfaces, thickness and colors, usually determined by the specific use of the conveyor.  A flat, smooth and shiny surface is usually desired in the public loading areas, for visual appeal and easy maneuverability.  A tough, gripping, textured surface is desired for incline and decline applications.

“Belts” are the power transmission components (PTC) used to drive the sheaves, shafts and pulleys by electric motors and gear reducers.  Further description usually depends on the drive belt’s sectional profile, such as a V-Belt” having a “V” shaped sectional profile.  Other drive belt types have longitudinal grooves, often seen on a serpentine belt, or integral teeth common to timing belts.

Unified Supply offers a complete variety of both baggage conveyor belting, as well as drive belts for PTC applications.  The terminology used to distinguish between the two should be understood by the end user, as well as the purchaser.  Our customer service department will be glad to help determine which of the two expressions you need.


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