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What kind of Drive Chains do you have on your Baggage Handling Systems?

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Sarah: Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m here with Colin from Unified Supply, and we’re here today to talk to you about drive chains. So what can you tell us about the different types of drive chains?

Colin: Sure, so the different types of drive chains, what they have in common is they’re all basically for a carousel. The drive chain is a mechanism that engages the drive with the rest of the carousel to propel it forward.

So what I have here is a tiny section. This chain would normally be 10 feet long. There’s a few different chains that have this same little sub-section, but the small section here which shows you that this is a chain that’s two different strands, and it’s got a lug between it, and that lug is mounted on this particular chain. This is a chain for, either it’s for a TransiTread or for like a Stearns Maxi II new carousel, both of which use the same concept, and they have a cam follower that engages between the lugs, and that’s what actually propels the carousel forward.

But, the different styles of drive chain that we have, there’s styles that are just a strand of chain, like for a triangular drive, and it’s really important that you have the exact right kind of chain and the right length, but those are probably the simplest drive chains. And then, many others, you’ve got some that have the two different strands of chain that are right next to each other and they have more lugs that stick off the outside. So, there’s even some that have a lug welded onto the chain itself for like an old style CUC, is what we call it, but it’s a CCC Ultra-Claim. So that style actually has a typical chain with a lug mounted to it, welded on.

So, anyway, there’s many different styles of drive chains. Unified can help you with any of the different styles that you have in the field, but the basic concept is always the same. Again, this is what moves around the drive and engages with the rest of the carousel.

Sarah: Perfect, thank you so much. If you have any questions, you know how to get us by email or phone, and we hope you have a great day. Thanks.


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