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Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Parts and Fasteners

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Stainless steel does not easily rust, corrode, or stain as ordinary carbon steel does when exposed to air and water.  Stainless steel is used where the strength of steel and a high resistance to corrosion are both desired, as well as for decorative purposes, most often in public view.  Many architectural applications utilize stainless steel, such as the Chrysler Building, the Gateway Arch, and the United States Air Force Memorial.

Stainless steel composition varies from regular carbon steel by the amount of chromium present in the alloy mixture, and is also non-magnetic.  In metallurgy, stainless steel is defined as a steel alloy with a minimum of 10.5% to 11% chromium content by mass.  The alloy contains enough chromium to form a passive outer film of chromium oxide, preventing surface rust and blocking corrosion from spreading into the internal structure of the material.  Stainless steel is offered and selected in different grades and surface finishes suiting the environment to which the alloy will be exposed.  Type 304 is the most common, and is the type Unified Supply utilizes for airport baggage handling trim, incline carousel pallets/carrier pans, side guards, kick panels, chutes, transfer plates and slides.

Unified Supply also utilizes stainless steel fasteners for baggage conveyor applications, primarily in public view, or for exposure to corrosive or wet environments.  Although more expensive than common zinc plated fasteners, the corrosion resistance is superior, offering a more appealing fastener solution in high visibility areas.


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